CAPAC Chair Chu Statement on Senate Failure to Pass Bipartisan DACA Solution

Feb 15, 2018 Issues: Immigration

Washington, D.C.— Today, following a rigid veto threat from the White House, the Senate failed to reach the needed 60-vote threshold to advance any of four immigration bills, including two bipartisan proposals that would have created a solution for Dreamers and addressed border security concerns. These failed votes have put an end to the much heralded Senate debate on immigration, which ultimately lasted just three days. Congresswoman Judy Chu (CA-27), Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), released the following statement: 

“President Trump’s actions on immigration are the epitome of ‘shoot first, aim second’ politics. And we’re seeing the chaotic results. In order to fire up a nativist and xenophobic base, Trump announced that he would be rescinding DACA protections for nearly 700,000 Dreamers – unless Congress acted to stop him. He claimed to want such a deal, and even televised a bipartisan meeting with legislators where he promised to sign whatever they passed. That was then. Now, Trump has used the crisis he created to make extreme demands that would fundamentally change our immigration system into one that tears families apart. It is because of Trump’s extreme demands and veto threats that the Senate was unable to reach an agreement to end this manufactured emergency. 

“We wouldn’t be here if Trump had not ended DACA in the first place. But since he did, finding an immediate solution for Dreamers should be our focus. This started because Trump wanted to look tough on immigration (as understood through a narrow, prejudiced lens) while simultaneously begging Congress to stop him by enshrining DACA into law. We have the bipartisan bills to do that. And as soon as Trump drops his absurd and nativist demands that would harm the soul and economy of our county, Congress can get to work on passing them. Other, larger, issues about the future of our immigration system – including any changes to family migration and diversity visas – should be saved for a real legislative debate, not this broken process at the point of a gun.”


The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC) is comprised of Members of Congress of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and members who have a strong dedication to promoting the well-being of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Currently Chaired by Congresswoman Judy Chu, CAPAC has been addressing the needs of the AAPI community in all areas of American life since it was founded in 1994.